Jump to quoted part of post

When I quote something, is there a way to make clicks on the quote send the user to the quoted part of the quoted post?

Could you possibly restate that? I think I might know what you’re trying to say but I am not 100% sure.

I haven’t seen the feature that I think you are asking for. The same question was asked for quotes between different Discourse instances instead of within one instance. That answer was no but there is a similar feature which might be useful to you.

When a quote displays the name of the user, you can click on that name and the entire post will be displayed with the quoted text highlighted. But this does not jump me to the quoted section of the post. Instead I have to scroll down to find it. For example, if I click on the user name “agent007” in the following quotation box then I can see where in the quote the quoted text is located.

Here’s what I see when I do that:


If you click on the “up arrow” in the upper right corner of the quote it won’t jump to the quoted section of the quoted post, but it should jump to the post.

For example, try this post
* after the jump up, try clicking “1 reply” and the down arrow in the inserted post

If a post is a reply to a previous post in the topic, and you click on the “curved arrow” that post should insert just above the post that is the reply.

Clicking on the “^” caret also displays the entire post in place with the quote highlighted.

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