Jump to specific category keyboard shortcut

I’ve just started to play around with keyboard shortcuts, as I realized I’m on this site a lot now lol and also that I want to be more efficient for me and for people who may join my communities.

I’ve noticed there’s a way to jump to the categories page g,c but can’t find a way to jump directly to a specific category like #feature or even how, after hitting g,c and landing on the category page, that I can cycle through the category options using the keyboard. When I hit j or k it cycle through the latest posts, not the category column.

I’m not sure if this is a support or feature or what, just hoping that it currently exists and if not, then that it would exist :smiley:

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Well, there’s a way to do this using search.

  • / will load the search input
  • then fea (and a half-second wait) will show you categories/tags/users matching fea
  • then arrow down until the chosen item is highlighted, and Enter to go to that page

Does that work well enough?

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Yup! And if I want to go even faster to categories, seems I can put the # in front and should go faster.

Turns out if I add the # then when I arrow down to the item, it has defaulted to searching that category, not jumping to it.

So I’ll just do what you suggested :smiley:

Thank you!

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I’ve noticed that if I do that search, when I type in the category slug, it won’t show up, and I have some really long category names. Perhaps that could be a feature request? :smiley: Or maybe it’s a bug or I’m just missing it somehow.

Any idea?

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We currently don’t index the category slugs, that’s why the search for a slug doesn’t find matches for you. (There are all kinds of other possible UI issues with really long category names.)

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Ah ok, yeah, the long name is something I’ve struggled with. I run something called Emotional Self-Defense and while the slug is ESD, I’ve often debated whether to have it as the full category name (or website or company name), as it lacks the descriptiveness.

Anyway, thank you for the reply!