Is there a shortlink ability for categories, such as there is for tags?

For tags we can just type #tagname and it becomes a hyperlink for the tag, e.g. #support, and we can do the same for @username, e.g. @balupton.

Is there any such ability to easily link to categories that I am not aware of? I have tried !categoryname but it doesn’t work.

Or do I have to open a new tab, navigate for the category, and copy and paste it’s URL.

If it is a missing feature, it would be quite beneficial as autocomplete, nicer rendering, and cards (such as hwen you click @balupton earlier) would be nice, compared to standard category hyperlinks.

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You just made a shortcut to the #support category. # is used for both tags and categories.


Self face palm. Thank you. Is there any way to have short links show the proper title, rather than the codename?


If a category and a tag share the same name, a pop-up will suggest autocompletion for both:


What do you mean by “proper title”? I guess, the “title” instead of the slug?

I.e “site feedback” instead of “site-feedback”?

It’s not supported as I know.


Thanks for the extra info!

“Category Name” here:

Currently only “Category Slug” get’s displayed. Not an issue for tags, but would be nice for categories, where say the slug is quite different than the name.

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I saw a Discourse developer say one day (can’t find the message) that it wouldn’t happen, because spaces and autocompletion don’t match very well, from a coding perspective. Would be hard to code and cause potential issues.


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