Jumping Reply's via Arrows or more clickable Box

Hi there,

I wrote in another forum about the small up/down arrows in the bottom right whilst viewing forum reply’s… initially I thought these arrows would change up or down the reply number but instead it opens a command box requiring manual input of a user chosen number (there are button, but only for top and bottom post, not next or previous)… I felt this was a clear opportunity for the arrows to function as increment / decrement rather than a symbolise to pop-up a command box and require further manual input keys. Even after typing a number, say 6, one needs to delete the current digit in there prior to finishing otherwise you might get 61 instead!

I also think being able to click via a next button or arrow could be great in reading, as it focus the next one centre already by design.

See my description link below for more complete write-up and visual examples at the other Discourse forum I’m at:

Arrow Box for Jumping Reply - Meta - Fractal Future Forum – Envisioning and creating a better future

Press ? to display keyboard shortcuts if you want to navigate up/down in a topic (reply to reply) via the keyboard.

Yeah, great for keyboard (really) but I was focussing on mouse clicking too.

I found the the k/j key works well as next and previous post… but keys are perhaps not for everyone and nice to have simple clear mouse click, especially when in editing mode and looking at replies (in editing mode the k/j key in the text area won’t work, it would just type k or j).

Also I remember seeing this short-cut’s list before but forgot! So I feel it’s a bit hidden and need memory and lack direct screen directly access. Below is more information about that and how it I think you could help… in short

###What do I want in short - ? or ‘help’ button! :slight_smile:

  • A really clear ? box to click for help (or ‘HELP’ somewhere on the screen)
  • Something bold, visible and physically clickable.

##YES / NO is ok for now… especially if not going to read on

##Main points:

###Hamburger(?) menu and it’s tool-tips

  • the hamburger menu could be properly self-labelled for a start
  • The tool-tip for it (containing 'Keyboard Shortcuts) says ‘go to another topic list or category’. So why ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ is there is perhaps some space saving or other idea.
  • Menu doesn’t suggest it being related to the short-cuts - and only says this when when you mouse over to seen the function of the menu.

###Even more obvious

  • If there is not an accessible ? icon in the area I’m working then I might go elsewhere or assume it doesn’t exist. Going elsewhere may mean loading another page (internally or externally) and asking in a forum like this (all = more time and energy spent considering saving energy and making it smooth is what it’s all about)
  • “HELP” or “short-cuts” are currently **under-**advertised / hidden / NOT in the right menu as it describes itself
  • at the very bottom of a topics list!?

##More explanation about my request:

###Clicking actions
A clicking action I think is still another useful, perhaps essential way.

  • Mouse clicks are also a handy visual away (screen-recording)
  • and a good alternative to keyboard and physical extension using the mouse cable from further distances and less space-taking than extending a keyboard.
  • It doesn’t need page focus to action like keyboard short-cuts do.

###Forgetting where the short-cut’s are listed / needing to remember

I definitely didn’t know the ? key is the short-cut to the short-cut, so that’s great and almost unbelievably easy / too obvious that many wouldn’t even imagine / remember to try that!

It’s unassuming requirement of user memory and intellect to stick something obvious (at least until they get the hang of using keys). Perhaps 2 types of users in the world and rather mostly you’re going to be using a mouse as a beginner rather than keys… so something direct, obvious and clearly labelled would help these users.

Answering questions might be reduced too when users actually finding help or explore it voluntarily and answer there own questions before need. For me a simple visible icon is definitely a good idea!

Ultimately the user is left to quite a lot of assumption including ‘there is no help’ especially if can’t be seen directly (it’s a sad but true assumption) and so they will ask or have different experience. Unneeded extra work and missed opportunities for self-education!

An exclamation mark (?) or ‘HELP’ is an obvious well-used technique in software! and in the top right is the clearest for everyone as the menu is shown all the time during Discourse use and therefore will serves it and user well any time they would need.

Also it will encourage random exploration and self-education of short-cuts even if not needed when it’s there.
The Wordpress editor is a good example of a ? icon in the editor for shortcuts. I’m not comparing the programs though just this simple icon ‘feature’ !

##Hit the point home
Currently asking people to remember a too-obvious a ‘?’ key doesn’t cover it for beginners and ONLY works when caret is NOT in a text box

###Stick it Where? The menu panel!
The menu panel is already uncluttered and even if it strictly should or could be somewhere else, stick it there to help people! I think questions like mine would be avoided and you wouldn’t have to enjoy such posts and could get on with the ‘other’ stuff you might prefer :slight_smile: