Just in time education banner

Some time ago, I had a chat conversation with @JammyDodger talking about the just-in-time messages you see in the composer preview.

Originally sent in @JammyDodger

Yeah, I didn’t even know those Just In Time messages existed for ages (I used to only use my phone)


Some days ago I really missed them, because I wrote @team and I like being told that I do not notify users of that group by mentioning them. On mobile i had to hope it would work like that

Chat tells me after sending the message :woman_shrugging:


Though I just got a big blue banner before I sent the chat message as well as a little one after when I just used it


:exploding_head: i missed the big banner.

I missed the banner because my screen was partially covered by the keyboard, which also pushed parts of the chat interface off the screen. I usually don’t collapse my keyboard or scroll before sending a chat message, so I don’t check for any banners that I might miss. Is there a method to ensure the banner is always visible on the screen?