Just under 200 MB free RAM?

I know, I know — this is more like basics of *nix, but because VPS has only Discourse and amount on RAM dictates if everything goes smoothly that’s the reason for such newu-class question.

8 GB RAM, no swap. Why free -m tells I have only 160 - 180 MB (it lives) free memory?

Is this just another example of unused RAM is the most expensive part of memory and if there is demand to get more it will taken from cache?

Why I’m asking? I see way too often tips to use swap, and now I’m not sure if I need it. Do I have memory related issus? No, AFAIK and rebuilding takes its time, but it never dies

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That’s a classic case of https://www.linuxatemyram.com/


So, as I suspected.

That was actually really nice page. Thanks.

And I would guess there is no need to swapon (if I would have mounted a swap…)

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I think swap is still useful. See for example


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