Discourse Swap Memory (1GB Warning)



I attempted to install Discourse on a digital ocean droplet with 1gb of RAM, the installer stated I should ideally be using 2gb of RAM, it mentionned swap files and that I could potentially run into problems with future upgrades.

Therefore is it safe to start with 1GB and if required upgrade the RAM later - would Discourse automatically use the additional RAM or would one need to amend the configuration in some way to allow for more RAM in future - and if so how?


You can run on the 1GB of ram to start with however I believe you would need a 2GB swap file to go with it in order to allow it to peak when doing resource intensive stuff such as upgrades etc.

If you have the 1GB Ram + 2GB Swap it should keep you going for a while thats for sure.

There are many posts on the forum about it so worth having a search through

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

If you let it, ./discourse-setup will create the swap file for you and configure the OS to try very hard never to use it.

Perhaps I should add the bolded words the message below?