Kanban Board Overlay for Discourse Topics


I’ve been using Discourse as an ad-hoc project management tool. The only thing that seems missing is a Kanban board view.

For example, I’d like to track a conversation through different states, e.g. -

1 - Pending discussion
2 - Discussion underway
3 - Discussion closed, i.e. decisions made

The category and tagging system is a start. It would be fantastic to be able to organize and display topics visually, based on categories and tags.

Is this something on the roadmap and/or would anyone like to work together to build something like this?

By displaying visually I assume you mean including an image on the topic list?

You can filter by category/tag, but what do you mean by organizing visually? Do you mean sortable by dragging and dropping topics (like kanban cards) into columns?

We don’t have anything like this on the official roadmap (plans for upcoming features for 2.3/2.4 are in https://meta.discourse.org/c/releases). You’ll want to build a theme or a plugin to accomplish what you’re looking for.


Kanban has been talked about before. I agree it would be Nice to have, esp in combination with Tickets Plugin 🎟.


@david built a very nice theme component for this!