Kanban Board Theme Component

We’d love to use this and contribute to it. Any ideas on fixing the mobile drag and drop issue as that is pretty essential to having this useable.

Perhaps a long press to pick up (or select for moving) then another long press where you want to put it


Could you please share the settings you have for the kanban theme component?

Sure! I have a number of categories that follow this settings format:

display categories: category_slug

default modes: category_slug:tags:to-do,doing,done


Are there any plans to support drag ordering of topics?

It’s unlikely. Discourse has no concept of “manual ordering” of topics, so building it into a theme component would be pretty much impossible.

However, I would like to add an option to change the ordering (e.g. by votes, likes, created_at, etc.)


given votes is a plugin, if you make the ordering work on any defined field then manual ordering would be possible in the future!


Regarding mobile. Users always struggle with kanban in mobile devices, as being close enough to engage with a card means, because of their small screens, users lose the visual overview which makes them so powerful.

I was thinking that could be overcome with a double-click to zoom in/out, to maintain the powerful project visualisation and organisation. God knows why Trello haven’t implemented that.

My suggestion then is:

  • Double click to zoom in and out
  • Long press to pick a card up for moving

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I added the component to current theme and the karbon board design appeared correctly.

But after I removed the component once (was just experimenting) and readded it within 1 minute, the ‘Board’ is no longer appearing in the top menu.

What may go wrong?
Also, is there some URL, which I might visit to check if the component is working ok behind the scenes.
My forum.

@david, is there a way to select Board as default view for a category? It is not available in the category settings.

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Not at the moment, but I’ll add it to the list of feature requests


@david i feel like i’m missing something obvious.

how can i set it to ignore all tags other than a few (links, backlog, to-do, doing, done)?

I had the same issue which was resolved by @angus


So for the category bd2l-actions




Thank you @Keith_John_Hutchison. Shame there’s not a way to override the default. That’s going to require manually setting up each time a new category is created. Hopefully we’ll find a few devs who want to help work on the plugin.

@Ellibereth did you work out a way to get this to load in subcategories?

I’ve been playing around with it for a while but seem to be restricted to top level categories, which is ok for a small forum/team, but if we open it up to a category with a lot of members it’ll quickly become unwieldly

@david and anyone else who comes across this issue, i came across an odd bug which took ages to work out. @Ellibereth i think you likely had the same issue - and the boards work fine in sub-categories if set up correctly.

On most of my categories it just wouldn’t work, unless it was global, but one or two would work if i set their ‘default categories’ and ‘display modes’. What i came to realise is that the Kanban component can’t handle numerical values in the url.

This won’t work:
or this: mysite.com/web-developers/66-category

This works fine:

David is there anywhere we can begin listing bugs and workarounds, for each other?

Slight update: you need to list the top level category and sub-level category individually in both settings. It doesn’t appear to work with just the sub level category set. I can get the ‘board’ button to appear but no tags show up unless both levels are defined.

Haven’t worked this out yet though:

Everything is both Assigned and Unassigned. If i/we find an answer i’ll post it here. If someone wants to help before then i’ll be most grateful, and so will @danyalamriben

Do you have the assign plugin installed? If not, then I would expect it to show everything in both lists as you described.

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We’ve got it working on a subcategory.

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I didn’t. I do now and the problem remains. The cards still duplicate.

is there a screen shot of settings anywhere, perhaps i’ve set them wrong.

i’ve switched off all other plugins and theme components (which i’m able to switch off) to check for conflicts


here’s the messages in console, although i suspect its not very illuminating:

Here’s the settings. I played around with everything i can think of to get it working.

and the settings from Assign Plugin

If it helps i’m turning all the answers i get into documentation on our platform which i’m more than happy to share to help other users, and hoping to bring in some Rails devs to join our volunteer public happiness community to help with development of this plugin

@david i’m getting weird bugs. the doubling rather than deleting bug suddenly disappeared, and then came back 10mins later. no settings were changed. i also had a card disappear rather than move.

any idea what could be causing that?

Would it be possible to get this to load on tag-pages @david

They are essentially the same so would i be correct in thinking that its as simple as changing the selector your lovely boards are seeking to make this show up on a tag-page?

Thank you for creating something so cool :slight_smile:

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