Kanban Board Theme Component

@david @kristoferlund i’ve begun planning features we want to build on our side here.

We can branch off, but all our updates will be welcome to bring into the main build. If any of them match up perhaps we can build them together.

On a side note, i still can’t resolve the duplication bug. i’ve got a Dev having a look tomorrow who will hopefully find the issue

I think should has themes for board .

This is before adjust.

After adjust by CSS.

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@david ok i’ve found the duplication error (or more accurately i rage quit and begged one of our devs from a different team to have a look).

the theme component can’t process capital letters, so if there is a capital in any text it gets confused and something breaks. a simple verification check can remove that issue.

Our site was looking for the array.filter(Doing !== doing) which didn’t work.


I’m not really sure where to put improvements/changes we make. Here’s a quick CSS tweak to remove the excess white space to the left of the boards on desktop.

		flex-direction: column;
		align-items: flex-end;
// 		Min width changed and rest commented out by Arty to fix left hand margin:
		min-width: 100px;
// 		min-width: 50px;
// 		width: calc((100vw - #{$large-width})/2 - 4px);
// 		flex-shrink: 0;
		padding: 0;
		margin: 0;


    justify-content: flex-start!important; // <-- added by Arty to remove forced left margin

If I may comment …

You are arguably best to store these things on Github, why not fork the component (you’ll need an account) and PR if David has got the time to accept PRs?


thanks Robert, yes that’s probably best.

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we’re going to switch to our own fork, but others mentioned hiding the ‘untagged’ column. Here’s a solution to achieve that, although we plan to make a more complete solution soon.

.discourse-kanban-container {
    div:nth-last-of-type(2) {
        &.discourse-kanban-list {
            display: none!important;   

Is your fork going to add support for vertical ordering?

I currently have 3 PRs pending for this theme component:

  1. Add tags to the topic card display
  2. Add a plugin outlet to the topic card display (to display events, votes etc)
  3. Restructure the topic card to prevent it routing to the topic on drop (a bug I’ve been experiencing).

Thanks @angus, I’ve merged all three of those.

Sounds great! Please feel free to submit some pull requests.

The white space on the left is deliberate, so that the left of the kanban board lines up with the rest of the page contents. If you want to remove it, there is no need to fork the component, you can just add a second component with the CSS to override.

Maybe. It would certainly be #pr-welcome

Awesome! You could package up this CSS into its own component, and share in #theme-component

This should now be fixed: FIX: Allow selecting multiple tags in the same tag group · discourse/discourse-kanban-theme@cf783ab · GitHub

Nice catch! Fixed in FIX: Remove old tag in a case-insensitive way · discourse/discourse-kanban-theme@df6a18e · GitHub

It is now hidden by default. You can show it again by adding @untagged to the theme setting.


I’d love to have this working with Tag-Page and it would massively increase the power of this plugin.

  • Cross team collaboration: Tasks can be assigned to more than one team when they require collaboration, or when they can be completed by either team, simply by adding both tags.

  • Multi-levels: The kanban boards can give levelled views for project coordination, to as many levels as desired. In our use-case we have: Wev Dev at the top level then Reactjs, Ruby on Rails, Wordpress, HTML, Sys Admin, etc.
    Now all teams can see what each other are doing in the top level kanban by adding that tag, and teams can also spin off, whilst still being part of their main group. For example: Ruby on Rails > Kanban Plugin.

@david tag-pages seems to greatly power up your wonderful plugin, what do you think? How difficult is it to change the system do you think? @artysidorenko you also looked at this, what are your thoughts?

I just installed this theme component again and am super impressed with the progress. Looking really good everyone - thank you for the great work.

@angus have you thought about using this theme component to help solve our Tickets Plugin 🎟 dashboard challenges? Seems to me it could be a huge help, esp if it were made possible to enable for viewing group messages as well as categories.

I’m experiencing a problem adding new boards.

I created a new sub-category called “board”. The URL is https://discourse.nycedu.org/c/projects/board.

I added the following to my theme component default mode: board:tags:idea,scoping,ready,in-progress,evaluating,celebrating,done and clicked the green checkmark button.

I also tested this with another sub-category and category and no Kanban boards show up there, either.

Have you added the theme component to your active theme?


Yes, I have, and Discourse Kanban continues to work just fine on a sub-category I had set up 2 months ago with the exact same parameters (just a different category name, of course).

I figured it out! The issue was that I didn’t also add “board” to the display categories. It’s all good, now.

@artysidorenko in our team of awesome volunteers has edited this to work with tag pages, and it seems to work perfectly so far.

Btw, has anyone had issues with new users not being able to see the ‘tasks’ tab? Is there a user level setting somewhere i’ve missed?


Sweet! I tried this out and it looks promising! I hope the tag improvements make it into @david’s official theme component.

Would be nice if you could add support for selecting tag groups to determine which tag pages get kanban boards.

Where I’d love to see the kanban component in action is in the assigned and message lists. That way we could tag messages and topics with ticket tags using Tickets Plugin 🎟 and more easily see and manage them. @angus maybe this is a discourse integrated solution for providing a ticket dashboard.


This is awesome! I think I might have found a bug though. I applied to my theme, and immediately see the board menu item. When I try to select the categories to show it in, no categories are found (and I have lots!).

I’d expect them to be auto-populated as you type, maybe something is broken?

This is not a bug but merely a clunky interface. I have seen this with a bunch of the new theme components. You have to type in the slug for the category and select create.