Kanban Board Theme Component

Would anyone be willing to link to a functional example of the Kanban component in action on a forum, or dm screenshots. Would be much appreciated as we attempt to implement it for people working on personal projects / teaching workshops!

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Can we adjust it to be like this?

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I think that there may be a bug with selecting modes.

When I set it up with default settings in a subcategory, I only get the Option of ‘tags’. In order to access the assignment mode, I have to force it to be the default for the category. As I want to be able to easily switch between the two, it would be nice to have this working as displayed in the video in the OP.

@david, would you mind taking a look?

Is it possible to further filter topics while keeping the Kanban Board tags set-up?

Right now we have the Kanban Board set-up by status.

I’d like to be able to filter so that we only see c-advocacy topics. Basically, it’ll be the same by status view expect only the topics tagged c-advocacy will be viewable.

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@debryc we built a version of the plugin a while back which operated like this. It had time out errors though and sometimes the page needed to be rebuilt. Another one of our team has just begun work on it so hopefully it’ll be updated in the next few days. If you’re handy with code you’re very welcome to drop in and lend a hand.

If you want to use our mod in the meantime (needing to reload the page sometimes), you can find it here: GitHub - artysidorenko/discourse-kanban-theme: A Discourse theme component providing basic kanban-board functionality

It would be really nice to be able to set one rule sitewide and then set categories to exclude. On a large forum it gets really cluttered writing out individual rules for every single category and sub.


We really like this great and helpful theme component. Works like charm since installation!

We only could never get to work the “default view” on any category. Is this a known bug? Anyone else experieng this (on recent discourse versions)?


Great component!
is it possible to choose just a handful of tags to be used as columns? Obviously these tags would belong to the “can only pick one from this group” ?


Yes, I am experiencing this same issue. Should the syntax of the default view be simply the name of the category?

It seems load error when see in categories view
And so long time you do not have any update for this theme

Could you continue to develop this, please?

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I hope this will not be abandoned :frowning_face:

Would it be possible to make each of the column headings to link to /tags/c/CATAGORY/TAG_NAME, you can then see just that tag in a single list, but better, you can click New Topic and create a new topic with that tag. It saves, by my count, a hundred clicks that it takes to assign a tag when creating a topic.