Kanban Board Theme Component

Urgh, how clunky indeed! Thanks for the heads up I will give that a try!

we’ve found a strange bug. we were telling users to look for a ‘tasks’ which is what i changed the tab name to.

they couldn’t find it as the tab was still called ‘board’. Only for new users though, admins and mods saw a tab called ‘tasks’ - leading to a Monty Python sketch trying to work out why they couldn’t join in as guided.

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It would be super handy if there was some way to have a due date, but that might be a whole can of worms and taking things a bit too far maybe!

Trialling this as a way to allow our community to engage with tasks that I’m working on as the Community Manager, keeping things in one place instead of across multiple Trello boards - so far so good!

@david I’ve made another PR to support subcategories in the params of a board in categories mode.

@tobiaseigen Yes, it’d be nice to have a kanban mode for the tickets plugin. We can chat about that in the tickets plugin topic. However I would just flag that the real issue there is finding someone I can mentor who wants to become the fulltime maintainer of that plugin.


I’m getting a kick out of the kanban board, having installed it properly in my personal forum to manage home improvement projects. :slight_smile: Some thoughts:

  1. Yes, @angus - let’s see if we can find someone to take on the tickets plugin so we can get a killer dashboard going for managing tickets. To be discussed over there. However, I can see the kanban theme being amazingly useful for messages and assigned even for those who don’t have the tickets plugin installed.
  2. It would be nice if the display categories setting for the theme could be updated as was the Knowledge Base Theme Component yesterday. Not a big deal, but much easier!
  3. Is there any way to have the board display by default for kanban categories?
  4. I like the display of Untagged - so useful. :rocket: The syntax for the setting is a bit weird but for those who follow, this worked for me: improvements:tags:new,underway,resolved@untagged
    • Likely hard, but if the “about topic” could be ignored and not displayed in the Untagged list that would be nice. (ah - it is possible to just give it another tag to have it not display).
    • would be nice if Untagged column did not display if there are no untagged topics to display
  5. Likely hard, but the ability to order topics to prioritize them would be nice. Maybe the priority tags could be used for this? E.g. topics tagged high would be displayed higher up than low.

I’m running into a small issue - when in board, sometimes when I click away from the category I see other categories with the board view instead of the usual latest. There is no board on the menu, but it keeps coming back until I hard refresh the web browser.

How my kanban looks currently. Nice to be getting organized!


You could add a tag … due-20190905-10300-UTC and automate that process.

I’m looking forward to when we can move topics vertically :slight_smile:


The issue with cards sometimes not loading is something we see as well.

I think it tries to fetch them and sometimes it time outs. If so, a conditional loop to start the function again if it receives a time out message would fix it.

@david I’m sure you must be busy, but when you have time I have two open PRs. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to improve them and / or help.



Thanks @angus, they’re both merged :smiley: