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There is this version which makes the kanban boards work with tags, and adds a ‘board’ tab to tag pages. It contained an error which sent too many requests, and so was never merged into the main plugin.

Unfortunately the developer who made the update dropped out and so the bug was never resolved, although it’s been running fine on our site until the latest Discourse update. You’d be very welcome to use it if that would resolve your issue. @david commented on what needed done here, before it becomes a part of his main Kanban plugin code


Great work, @david. We have one use case where it would be helpful if the topics in each column were sorted by date created, rather than date of last reply. Is this possible? If it’s not a simple thing, I can go to #marketplace, but any clues would be appreciated.


thanks @david for developing this awesome component and all those who helped

Feature Idea: vertical split

I tinkered around a bit with the css (on the browser console) to produce the intended results, but I am not too familiar with javascript or developing for discourse. So this is just an idea in case anyone wants to tinker with it.

Is this something others feel the need for?

Why can this be needed?

I think side-scrolling to see other boards it a bit unpractical and I’ve changed my board to have only four columns and be centered. Like the picture bellow:

But I can’t crunch more into the same screen with the way it currently works. Additionally, people who have a “#done” category, don’t really need much space for it (just need to be visible for easy dragging task to “done” and that could be split vertically with something else.

Use-case example

The kanban increases a lot visibility of posts that could be otherwise be hidden in subcategories. And sometimes they’re too many to just pin them.

In my particular case, this would be useful to help people see clearly what’s being voted on (#voting) straight on the main category where kanban is without having to look for them.

Implementation challenges

One issue that I think could arise would be how this would be specified in the user configuration. One solution I can think of is adding [] brackets to represent what is vertical like so:

Before: internal:tags:to-do,in-progress,blocked,[done,volting]

Another solution could be drag and drop of categories themselves (just like a multi-pane text editor) and allow an admin to save as default.


Looks like I have found an issue with the the kanban theme:

  • default view in the kanban setttings it configured to “abc”
  • use the kanban board of category “abc” (which is displayed correctly)
  • click the disource logo on the left side to go back to the discourse main start page

=> The kanban board is displayed which shouldn’t be the case actually as this is not the category ‘abc’

If I reload the discourse start page, the kanban board is no longer displayed. Looks like a JS / cache issue.


Is it possible to set this to only show specified tags site-wide?

I can set the options i need on some categories individually, but i want it to display only 4 tags for all categories and subcategories across the whole site (backlog, sprint, doing, done)


This would be highly useful. Was it ever implemented into the main repo?

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I’ve stumbled on the same issue : After setting a categorie to the kanban view, switching to another categorie that is not supposed to have the ability to show kanban board, actually does.

My configuration is set as to being allowed on tags and on two categories only.

Just as you mentionned though : reloading the discourse start page resets everything back to normal.


I guess someone should have a look at this issue, @david ?

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I’m on current tests-pass and version 1.0 of the component.

How do I set kanban as the default category view? Using tags mode. Board shows up as a selectable option in the menu, but I’d like to assign it as the default view for the category. I’ve tried customizing the component settings, but it just won’t display as default category view. :frowning:


Another question:

  1. How can users of a kanban board “delete” a topic which is on the kanban board? They normally get a message, that deleting is not possible and they should contact moderator.

  2. After moving a topic to the last column (= done), are these topics “cleaned-up” automatically or how can this be achieved?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi David,

I just sent my first PR. Can you check it to everything ok? Thank you! :slight_smile:



Is there any way to set this to only show tags from one tag-group sitewide?

I have it on tags mode and only want it to create a list for some tags across the site and not others. Users will be able to use tags like normal and the only ones which will create a column in the tags board are the tag-group ‘manufacturers’.

For example,

  • On my site the Kanban component is set to only create Kanban columns on all boards for the tag-group ‘manufacturers’.
  • If a user creates a thread and enters these tags: Honda, Convertible, Frank, Paris. The only tag which would create its own list in the board is ‘Honda’.

I get the impression this is already possible using the params in ‘default mode’ setting, but i tried for hours and cant work it out.


Hey @angus, replying to your email here as requested.

We’re looking to have two types of default board options:

  • Tags: todo, doing, done
  • Assigned

But I’m unsure how to make it work in the component settings.


Are you saying to have a board that shows topics Kanban style but by assigned user? If so, I LOVE that idea.

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Yep! Based on the component settings ("For example, support:assigned:david,sam,joffrey") I assumed it would be a per user column, but from screenshots earlier in this thread it looks like it’s just Assigned/Unassigned columns. In any case, I can’t make either work with the settings.


Did you find a solution for this issue?
I would also like users to move topics that they didn’t create between Kanban columns


Nope, sadly I didn’t. But I also did not investigate much further.

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My workaround is to make everyone who needs to use the Kanban board - a moderator. But that certainly doesn’t apply to most use cases…


Perhaps you could make a group and add that group as moderators for the kanban category.


that worked!! Thanks!

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