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It’s a Discourse theme thing - you can find more info here:

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We have just started looking at using this plug-in and have some questions:

  • While having the kanban view on a category, is it possible to then hide the regular topic list so the kanban board is the only view of that category?
  • Can you show tags (columns) even if no topic has that tag yet?
  • Can the filter option show only tags restricted to this category?

Would it be possible to make the tag select box compatible with the board view?


  • When I’m in the board view, if I select a tag from the select box (near the category select box), it navigates to /tags/c/... and the board dissapear.
  • When I click Board again, the tag selection dissapear.

While I’d like to have the board combined with a filter on a specific tag.

Here’s what I’m trying to achieve:

  • Have project tags like project1, project2, project3.
  • Have kanban tags like todo, in-progress, done.

And I’d like to see, say, project2’s todo, in-progress and done.

I have configured the default modes to projects:tags:todo,in-progress,done, this part works like a cham, the 3 columns are displayed, but obviously mixing all projects.

I’d now like to filter by project to get the view for one project, so I hit the tag select and change from all tags to project1 and boom, I’m on /tags/c/... with no board :frowning:


I think kanban could help display more info & status for pm like this:


When in board view, I properly see the column tags, but I’d like to see the other tags on the cards, and they don’t systematically appear…

I configured a default mode with my-category:tags:design,backlog,planned,doing,done,documented, and checked “show tags” in the component configuration.

Clicking on the category brings me to /c/94/l/latest?board=default, where the columns are the ones configured, but there are no tags on the cards (I have mandatory priority tags set on the category)

If I go through the filter widget select “tags” mode with no particular tags I do get some columns with tags on the cards

I don’t really see a reliable way to show what I need here.

Am I missing anything?

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After updating today to the latest version I get this error:

I don’t have time to troubleshoot, so I’m sorry for just dumping this here. But in case more people have this it may be helpful for the devs to rollback the latest update. For now I’ll just disable this component.

Hi @AquaL1te - please could you take a look in your browser developer console to see if there’s any more detail? (or alternatively, if you can share a link to the site I’d be happy to take a look)

My forum is: https://tzm.one it seems the Brand Header Theme Component also triggers this. Both got an update today. Sorry I don’t have more time to help out. But if it’s a quick check I could do it. I’m using 3.2.0.beta2-dev ( 7019dbcfe1 ).

Ah I see, thanks for the extra info! It looks like we have some issues with the ‘compatibility’ definitions for these themes. If you update Discourse to the latest version of beta2-dev, then I think that’ll get things working again.

I think we’ll be releasing beta2 imminently and then start beta3-dev, so that’ll help us to clean up the definitions :eyes:


Updated to the latest version indeed solved the issue :tada:

Since the latest update the display categories doesn’t seem to work correctly? I only want to show the board view for one category. I’ve set the slug there, this worked previously and it then only showed the board view in that category. But now it shows the board view on the entire forum. I’ve also tried to set the numerical ID of the category there, but that also doesn’t work. Is this a regression?


I have this error when update the latest:

Error: Could not find module `discourse/theme-5/discourse/components/kanban/wrapper` imported from `discourse/theme-5/discourse/initializers/initialize-discourse-kanban`

I’ve now reverted the recent changes while we work on fixes for these issues. Thanks for the reports!

To get things working again, you’ll need to upgrade the theme from your Discourse admin panel.


Is there a way to have kanban automatically included on all categories and sub-categories created, to define the columns for them (a wildcard character), and have kanban as the default view on all Categories and Sub Categories?

For example,

  • display categories: blank
    so Kanban appears on all newly created categories and subs

  • default modes: #:tags:backlog,sprint,doing,review,done
    so Kanban uses the above columns everywhere automatically, unless otherwise stated

  • default view: All

I was working around this theme component, and since the PR is not yet merged (again), you might be interested in the following feedback:

I think I’ve seen others issues, I will edit later!


Thanks @Arkshine. We’ve been experimenting with a much larger overhaul of the theme component over in this draft PR. I just rebased it so that it properly includes the original `modernise theme implementation’ change that was merged/reverted previously.

It still needs more work to be mergeable, but it might be a good place to leave code comments if you have any.