Kanban Board

Kanban isn’t playing nicely with sidebar at the moment. The expand and filter icons hover over the sidebar, nothing below Tracked can be interacted with.

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And seems that the scrollbar hover over the sidebar too. On Edge browser.

I’m trying to install this theme component for a forum I admin and ran into these two problems…

Fortunately, by modifying a part of the source code, I succeeded. It works fine on my forum now.

Due to my poor code quality and huge modification of the settings, the modified theme components are not compatible with the official version, so I will not submit a Pull Request.

I don’t know if my modification can help you.

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@Lhc_fl - that is brilliant!!

I’ve copied over just your fix for the nav button here, tested it, and made a PR:

I had a look at your fix for sidebar compatibility but struggled to pull out the relevant bits. Also, it didn’t seem to respect the configured number of columns visible. So I’ve left that for now.


Thank you for your encouragement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got lazy on this part, it shouldn’t be too hard to fix if needed. XD
I’ll fix this later and get back to you.

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@nathankershaw It seems that this problem can be solved by simply replacing the following in common.scss

width: calc(
      (#{$large-width} - (8px * (#{$num-columns} - 1))) / #{$num-columns}


width: MAX(
      calc((100% - 8px - (8px * (#{$num-columns} - 1))) / #{$num-columns}),
      calc((#{$large-width} - 250px - (8px * (#{$num-columns} - 1))) / #{$num-columns})

I am very sorry that I am not a native speaker of English, it is a little difficult for me to understand this sentence. If you mean the principle of the fix, I changed its width from full screen to 100% (of the <div class="full-width">).


That is a vast improvement! I tweaked the number from 250 to 500; this allowed the specified number of columns to persist until the screen was a bit smaller (seemed to be about 700 pixels vs 950)

I meant that I was not smart enough to understand what you had done!

I tried to improve the ‘grabber’ in the bottom right of the Kanban part, but that seems tricky. It is via .discourse-kanban ::-webkit-resizer. So I gave up.

Lastly, here is a PR for the sidebar compatibility:

PS I love the scroll bars too - will package them up later if/when these fixes get merged!!


Just pulled back on this PR for now until we sort out a couple of issues.


It seems good now, so PR is open again