Keep 'Dismiss New' from clearing topics you haven't seen yet

Today I had about 90 threads in the ‘New’ tab. I was reading through the ones I found interesting, scrolling down the page to review the older ones.

During this time, another thread was posted in the forum, and the top of the page got the ‘1 New thread. Click here to show.’ banner. I did not click it, but instead kept scrolling until I got to the bottom of the page. At that point, I clicked ‘Dismiss New’, partially to see what would happen, and the result was ungood: all New threads were marked to be ignored, including the one I had never seen… or at least I think so, because when the page refreshed there were no New threads at all.

This behavior is to-specification: when you click Dismiss New, your “new topic ignore time” is set to Now.

Doesn’t mean it’s the best behavior, but the code is functioning correctly.

I understand that, so let’s consider this a request to change the behavior :smile:

The ‘new topic ignore time’ could be set to the time the page was delivered to the browser, not the time when the button is clicked. I believe that would solve this problem.