Keep existing draft topic title when toggling to a private message

When I embark on drafting a new topic, I sometimes decide to stash my current working copy in a private message to myself instead of hitting the Create Topic button. I usually do this because the body of the topic is incomplete, and because I’d like to write a different topic in the meantime. In Discourse, only one topic draft may be open at any given time.

This works reasonably well, but there is one minor inconvenience that may be easily remedied -

When toggling a topic draft to a message draft, Discourse will discard any existing text in the title box. I am forced to type it in again.

I describe this as an inconvenience because the title is often the first piece I write; after spending some time working on the body of the topic, it can be a struggle to cast my mind back to the precise phrasing on which I’d settled for the title.

Would it be reasonable to keep the text in the title box?

The behaviour that I – perhaps subjectively – consider desirable is already implemented when toggling to a Shared Draft on meta. We keep the title. But Shared Drafts are not always appropriate, nor are they always available.


Sure we should fix that @eviltrout


@daniel can you add that to your list?

Not entirely sure why we’re reseting the title when switching to writing a new message. Could be a bug or a feature :man_shrugging:


@nbianca can you add that to your list?

We should keep the title when toggling between a topic draft to a message draft.


I fixed this one with


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