Kernel Panic after droplet reboot... What now?

Since i had to update the forum i had a go on the os update as per @sam instructions

launched the upgrade and got distracted by work.
when i came back -I was asked to reply to a question about overwriting some files but the ssh had timed out.
the apt-get dist-upgrade wasn’t woking anymore so i launched a reboot…
nothing happened.

after a power off and back on from digital ocean
and connecting to the console i got a kernel panic…

Before you ask no i don’t have fresh backups!
(i failed setting up amazon aws backup on first try and never had time to fix it!!!)

last resort is a july backup…
but i hope ther’s a way to fix it!
Isn’t it??

TY in advance for all your help!

ps if it’s not the right forum category pls move the thread accordingly!

You can click “recovery” on the bottom left tab and boot an emergency ISO image and mount the partition to access the data on it. If you know how to fix the kernel panic, then you can do that and then reboot normally.

What I would probably do is create a new droplet, mount the partition, rsync /var/discourse to the new droplet, point the DNS to the new droplet, and do a ./launcher rebuild app on the new droplet. But that only helps if you know what all of those things mean.

If it’s an emergency that you want to throw money at, you can email, but it’s 4:38PM on Friday and I really thought I was going to leave my desk an hour ago, so you’ll need to want to throw me more money than usual.


Ty Jay!

i had already used the emergency ISO and backupped /var/discourse

now i’m fiddling with grub to see it the droplet restart…

otherwise i’ll follow your advice and create a new dropolet!

Ty for your help!
if i’ll fail i’ll contact you!

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