Server doesn't boot due to kernel update, how can I recover Discourse

Hello everybody, I have an issue.
My server autoupdate kernel and now it doesn’t boot because the virtual environment doesn’t support the new kernel.
I can install a new OS, how can I move Discourse to the new instance?

I have a backup but it’s not recent… can I move the docker container to the other server and everything is fine?

What environment are you in that this is the case? How do you not have recent backups? I automatically take backups daily…can you downgrade the kernel?

The OS install isn’t hosed, just the kernel.

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Do you have a way to access the /var/discourse folder?

If so, copying the full folder over to a new server (with Docker and Git installed) should allow you to simply run ./launcher rebuild app there to re-create the container with all data intact; in case fixing the kernel setup as per @robbyoconnor doesn’t work out.


Contact the hosting provider, work with them to get a copy of the disk image, move /var/discourse to a server with a provider who knows what they’re doing.