Keyboard on webview goes over Reply

This is the only other remotely relevant thread I’ve found: Mobile landscape keyboard hiding input text

Perhaps it is easier to explain and then attach pics.

Basically, I am wanting to make an app for my forum, using a webview. However, within the webview, the keyboard goes right over the “Reply” text box.

In a normal Chrome or Internet browser on my S8, it works as intended. Pics related.

Overlaying (keyboard is completely covering text box):

Working as intended:

Update: It seems as though any sort of FULLSCREEN flag in Android completely breaks the Reply system in Discourse, making it impossible to hide the navigation bar or status bar without breaking the “Reply” within a forum.

It is possible, but the above result will occur, when the keyboard goes on top of the reply box.

Anyone know how to mend? This is a bit annoying for UX.

Why not use a PWA rather than making an app? You’re reinventing the wheel here.

There’s already a single site app available for use which supports notifications but this really shouldn’t be necessary with PWAs now working fairly well.


Making a webview app and listing it on Google Play gives you enormous chances of people reaching you. Nowadays, any online business should not leave an opportunity to be in Google Play or App Store.

There are far too many apps on the app store for that to pay off at this point.

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There are far too many websites on the internet but we still try :wink:

Regardless of whether putting an app up in the hopes of discovery is a good strategy (it isn’t) a single-site app already exists:

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Yes but websites don’t have to be “installed” and require binary updates, protection from malware, crash on every release of a new OS, etc. There is also no meaningful ‘app search’, every page in an app is impossible to find vs. Google.

It’s no contest, really, outside of gaming.


That’s why we are going for webview instead of native Android app. We wanna take advantage of both the website ranking and the app installation behaviour :wink:
At least, in my industry people want us to bring an app because they are lazy to open the browser and type the url. Moreover, telling each individual to use “Add to homescreen” for PWA is also a challenge. Thus app solves the issue here much better :wink:

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Reaching several million, with a Discord base of between 60,000-100,000 MAU with a majority requesting a simple app (doesn’t bother me, effort is worth it to me). Also for my target demographic of 18-25 in the niche I cater to, discovery is massive with apps, even if it’s a simple WebView.

More so interested in my question about why FULLSCREEN triggers the Reply system to break; I think I’m fine on the marketing end. :wink: Didn’t mean to rattle the pram.


Who types URLs? I tap the first two or three letters, same way I launch apps… by searching for the app, then launching it.


The thing is that, I too think like you. Even I prefer working on a website since I do not have to install another app to slow down my phone. But, I am a digital marketer and thus far my research has shown me that people have started to prefer apps over websites. That’s why Google is doing everything to better develop PWA.
Moreover, we search apps which we use once a day or very few times a week. Because we do not place these type of apps to the homescreen.
But, apps like Social media or PWA from discourse which people visit more often in a day, they place the app on the homescreen where they do not have to search that app. They just open the phone, tap on the app and that’s done.
Although, I’ll still repeat myself, all of this is for my industry. The research is for my industry, different industries will have different people with different taste.