Keyboard shortcuts for tracking topics not working

The keyboard shortcuts to manage the level of atention to a topic are not working for me, neither in firefox nor chrome.
The way I work with my discourse installation is: I enter a topic and if I am not interested I hit m+r, and move to another topic, but these days that I have been reading a lot here in meta, it is not working for me. And it is a pity because it is really comfortable to work with the keyboard shortcuts.

Other shortcuts that are not working for me are:

m+t to track the topic
m+w to watch the topic
m+rto normalize the level of atention
m+m to mute the topic

EDIT: Somehow the keyboard shortcuts are working for me in this topic, but not in the rest of topics :open_mouth:
EDIT2: I think keyboard shortcuts for tracking topics stop working the moment the vertical timeline appears, because in topics with 1 reply (and no vertical timeline) they do work for me.

No repro. They work for me on the vertical timeline too, however, the indicator on the timeline doesn’t seem to update visually, only the one at the bottom of the topic.

Can you provide an exact topic with exact repo steps?

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I check here and it works fine, but @BlackSheep, I think there is a mistake when you said that m+r = watch …

This is how it works:

  • m+r = Normal
  • m+w = Watch
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OK to reproduce the bug: i think the button on the bottom to manage notifications has not to be loaded to reproduce the bug.

Go to a topic with lots of replies and make sure the below button to change notifications is NOT loaded.


For example by entering a long topic half way the conversation (or from the beginning), like this link: (i just picked a random message in a topic with many replies

Shorcuts don’t work for me. I think the button to manage notifications on the bottom of the screen has to be loaded in order to make theem work. If i get to the bottom of the topic (so the button appears), shortcuts start working again.

@SidV, you were right, thank you.


PR Submitted


I just pulled master and it works for me flawlessly, either starting to read from the beginning or half way a long topic.:+1::+1:
Thank you very much !!.