Knocking spaces between words without editing

Quoting a bug reported elsewhere:


For what it’s worth, I cannot repro this here on Meta. I’m testing on the latest Mac OSX.

  • Safari - no problem
  • Chrome - no problem (See Below)
  • Firefox - won’t even select the space in between words with a double click

Chrome needed a slight adjustment to the repro steps:

  • You must be logged in (meaning it’s likely related to the quote pop-up)
  • Go to a post
  1. double-click a space between two words
  2. double-click the word to the right of the space
  3. double click the same space you did for step one
  4. double click any word on that line of text

Also worth noting: you can highlight the text instead of double-clicking and get the same results


I’ve seen that bug before but couldn’t get a consistent repro.

Took me longer than I wanted but thanks to the normalize() method this should not happen anymore :pineapple:


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