Kudos to discourse for multiple years of productive conversation!

I’ve participated in a variety of different communities across several different platforms, but none have quite compared to my experience with discourse - which has offered the best online collaborative environment I’ve experienced to date. So this is a bit of a thank you for building a truly amazing forum service that’s allowed me to connect with amazing people in my community, and expand my skills at the same time. (Plus, smooth support for discourse on both desktop systems and mobile devices, which is appreciated so much!) :smile: :sparkles:


Hey @Viridescence!

Wow, your post made our day! :smile::star2: We’re thrilled to hear that Discourse has been the best online collaborative environment you’ve experienced so far. Thanks a bunch for being part of our amazing community!

Your kind words mean a lot to us, and we’re glad that Discourse has allowed you to connect with incredible people and expand your skills. It’s awesome to know that you appreciate the smooth support for both desktop and mobile devices too. :raised_hands::iphone:

By the way, we’d love to share your testimonial with our marketing team if you’re cool with it! Your feedback would be a fantastic addition to our socials. Just let us know if we can use your testimonial, and if it’s okay to attribute it to your name.

Thanks again for being awesome! Keep shining and enjoying your Discourse experience! :sparkles::blush: