Kudos to Jay Pfaffman at Literate Computing

(Ross Chevalier) #1

For my needs, I require the ability to develop the skills to operate a Discourse forum, but learning to do the install and get it all running would be a non-repeating task so I chose to hire a professional to get us started. I found Mr. Pfaffman through the Discourse site. His work was fairly priced and delivered on time and completed right. I lack some of the background knowledge on how sub-domains work and had some screwups when trying to integrate into my main site. This had nothing to do with Literate Computing. I also had issues with my domain registrar’s inability to specify hosts in TXT records but a direct call with them got it resolved and the info provided by Literate Computing was easily implemented by them.

The install went smoothly and easy from my perspective, and now I am on to the hard work of making our Discourse site of massive value for our membership. Thanks Jay

Ross Chevalier