Kudos to Jay Pfaffman at Literate Computing

For my needs, I require the ability to develop the skills to operate a Discourse forum, but learning to do the install and get it all running would be a non-repeating task so I chose to hire a professional to get us started. I found Mr. Pfaffman through the Discourse site. His work was fairly priced and delivered on time and completed right. I lack some of the background knowledge on how sub-domains work and had some screwups when trying to integrate into my main site. This had nothing to do with Literate Computing. I also had issues with my domain registrar’s inability to specify hosts in TXT records but a direct call with them got it resolved and the info provided by Literate Computing was easily implemented by them.

The install went smoothly and easy from my perspective, and now I am on to the hard work of making our Discourse site of massive value for our membership. Thanks Jay

Ross Chevalier


Amen. My company hired Jay to help us migrate a large old and broken SMF2 install into a customized discourse instance. At the time our limited staff had more questions than answers, but Jay helped us complete this ugly project with realitive ease. Everytime a new obstacle came we worked out a solution, he rewrote a huge base of URL’s to fix broken links in old SEO results, gave me direct advice via AIM chats instantly on issues he didn’t need to help me with. He seemed like a real expert and would highly recommend him for anything, I’ve been meaning to write a post regarding his excellent contracting skills for other people looking, and will soon!