Label Sets

Hi. We run a platform with multiple label sets. This means we can customise what each user type is called, specific to each organisation. We need to publish our documentation with variables for our multiple label sets so we do not need to individually reference every user for each custom label set. Any suggestions?

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Welcome @zach-ehealthier.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do.

What does this have to do with groups (collections of users) and categories (collections of topics)?

Can you give a specific example of what problem you are solving with your label sets?


Hi @pfaffman
On our platform we have a user hierarchy as follows:
U1 - Admin
U2 - Acquirer
U4 - Practice Principal
U6 - Provider
U7 - Patient

This is our default label set. When an organisation purchases from us they can specify a new label set to be used specifically for their organisation. This can look like:

U1 - Admin
U2 - Acquirer
U4 - Claims Manager
U6 - Claims Advisor
U7 - Claimant
Or any other combination (unlimited possibilities)

When writing our knowledge base documentation we can not only refer to one label set as this will confuse users. Is there a way we can use some sort of placeholder to change that placeholder based on the user that is logged in? Or if you have any other ideas on how to approach this issue?

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You can create groups with those names, except admin, which has a special user already. Perhaps you’d call it “medical admin” or similar. Then you’d create create categories for them for their discussions.

See How to set / configure private / closed group access, membership and visibility

Also see Setup DiscourseConnect - Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse (sso) for hints on how to set up sso and pass those group memberships on login.