Groups for Users

Is there a way to … When a New User is added to have automatically 2 Groups created for them, say Group 1= Family , Group 2 = Friends ?
Is there a Plugin ? Or a Feature ?


That sounds interesting. Can you explain some more what you are trying to do and why you would need something like this?


It would be good for each User to have 2 Groups as Standard , like Private Groups for them :thinking: Like Followers & Following :thinking: So In the Side Panel ( Categories ) Have a Users Drop Down , which would hold the …
User ( $User )
2. Following
3. Family
4. Friends
5. Chat
6. Messages
7. Inbox

It would be Good , as I’m going to Host Discourse on my own server & do not need so many Categories , so my Panel would be lees than this one.
I hope that makes sense :thinking:

I think it makes sense what you are describing, but I am not understanding why you want to do that. Can you describe your community and how you hope your members to be able to use your site?

Basically , so that there is a Public side for All Users & a Private side as well. So that Each User can Post to Public OR Private , as they Desire. Also Post to Each Group of Family or Friends. So that Each Topic is Sorted into It’s Place, be it Public or not etc.
I should add
Auntie Marie is holding diner on Sunday & She wants to inventive two Family members & one Friend.
She could look throe the Groups & Tag in Each of them in the Topic.
So that would be Private Group & Not placed in the Public Topics etc.

That is interesting. How big is your community going to be? How many members and how many families? Are they all related to each other or is each family completely distinct and separate from every other family? If it’s a smallish number, you could create these groups and secure categories for them.

I think my personal forum is similar to the one you want to set up. It is mostly for me to keep track of various projects and information, and then I have been gradually inviting other people to come and join me. Some conversations I need to be private between a few people (e.g. me, my partner and our children), some are for wider groupings of people (me and my siblings and my father, or for a few people to work on something together), and then there are others I want everyone on the site to be able to access. I can and do do this manually, but it can get confusing. Some people have been reluctant to join and post because they don’t feel comfortable not knowing exactly who can see what.

I also maintain a neighborhood forum. It would be interesting to let people in the neighborhood match themselves up because they live in the same house and give them a category to talk to each other privately, and also for others in the neighborhood to know who lives together. Currently we do this via a contact spreadsheet and a custom user field.

At the moment, Discourse is not created to host this kind of setup because to some extent it is not in the interest of supporting sustainable communities. You want to have the smallest number of categories you can get away with that as many people as possible can access. For the rest there is chat and personal messages. Though maybe if you are a programmer you could figure out a way to automatically create groups, categories and then add them to the sidebar. If you do, please share your work here!

Personally, I am interested in improving how groups and categories are created. Some features I’d like:

  1. ability to simultaneously create a group and a secure category accessible by that group
  2. allow a subset of users, eg members of a certain group, to do (1) and become category moderators of their categories and group owner of their groups
  3. ability to find out by username which users have access to a given topic, and a given category

The idea of a (4) here to do (2) automatically upon signup is interesting, perhaps using Discourse Automation. But in that case who becomes the category moderator? I think if your community is not too large this could be done manually and coordinated via discussions in the feedback category.


A community for Each User.
Each User could create a Group as they like, for immediate Family , Group for Cousins etc, Group for anything else etc ?
Yes I am a programmer, But I’ll have to learn Ruby :thinking: :nerd_face:
I understand what you have said. So it’s off to the books I go :smiley:

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If there are any programmers who would like to collaborate ? Let me now :smiley: :nerd_face:

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