Landing page after signup

If I invite people to a topic, they land on it after signup. Can I define such a topic that people land on after a standard signup? Is it even possible to set a non-topic url as landing page after signup? Thanks!


No, this is not possible at the current time.


2+ years later…is it possible at this time? :pray:

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There isn’t a site setting to define a landing page after signup… but maybe, we could find a workaround, depends on what you want to do exactly. Could you share more details?

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It would be great to designate a landing page other than the Latest page. For example, is there a way to mark in the URL which specific page the signup modal appears (and hopefully also where it lands them after the signup flow)?

Similar to how there are URLs for creating a new topic specific to a specified category.

Took this as an example:

To make this (as an idea):

Not sure of the likelihood of something more granular, for example, being able to choose a topic as a landing page (especially since admins invites already have this capability).