Language Translation

How can I translate Discourse so that I can have one instance in English and another in Swahili?
Thanks in Advance.

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Did you read How to add a new language ?

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I didn’t know it existed. Let me get to it.

I would love to see discourse get localized into kiswahili and other commonly used African languages.

Do note that lots of languages are already supported out of the box - just look in your admin settings for language to enable them. These can live together on the same instance. You set one as the default.

There is also a fairly amazing plugin providing automatic translation so people can translate posts into their own preferred interface language. We use it very actively on our community and it works surprisingly well even if the translations are a bit funny sometimes. :slight_smile:


Yah you are right, getting it to many African Languages will help many more people explore and exploit this powerful platform in their native mother tongues.


I am currently translating Discourse from English to Swahili but all the texts that i have worked on so far have gone to Unreviewed Section.

  1. Who is the person incharge of reviewing translated texts and how long does the process take.
  2. Some of the words to be translated are repeated like many times which slows down the process? Is there a way to have exact words to be translated without the duplications?



At the moment there are no reviewers for your language.
@zogstrip can make a reviewer. I see 2 profiles with your name as translators. I assume your profile is the last one Can you confirm?

To help you use transifex and its tools you should have a look at their documentation


They are both mine… My previous account expired so i had to make a new one. It does sound bad if no reviewer will confirm my translations because i was translating it so as to use it for a local forum.

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@Irwin_Binamungu I made you reviewer of the Swahili locale. Thanks for your contributions :slight_smile:


Yey now I am so happy :grinning:


There are so many repeated Strings…for example, i have translated Day and Total over 8 times just today.
It slows down the translation process because i have to re-do what i have done, again and again…
Is this intentional or some sort of a bug?

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That’s intentional. Translations can depend on context, so “Day” could be translated as “A” in one context and as “B” in another. Transifex helps you translating repeated texts by suggesting previously used translations. Try using that functionality more often if your language always uses the same words in every context and count yourself lucky. :wink:


Okay, I understand…Forgive my ignorance.

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We would also like to translate our forum to swahili. Would you kindly assist us in understanding Transifex and how to get our translations.

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@Denis_Frimos, on Transifex check this:

Is it ok that translations on sw ?

Please read this about how Transifex works. It’s very simple.

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Thank you for your prompt response.
We have just reviewed the link you provided but almost all the translated words to Swahili have not yet been reviewed. Could you kindly assist us in getting a reviewer to speed up the process?

@zogstrip is the coordinator :+1:


@Denis_Frimos I made you reviewer of the Swahili locale.

Thanks for your contributions!

I added the Swahili language to Discourse since 84% of all strings are already translated. :+1:
Maybe it will attract even more translators. At least you can start using it in your Discourse forums. Makes it a lot easier to notice translation problems…

cc @Irwin_Binamungu


@gerhard Thank you it has been very helpful.