Translate Method options


I’m new in Discourse, also i just install Discourse too.
I already choose Language Indonesian, when finished the complete step for start my forum.
but as i see the translations is still not complete, many words still in english.

i read that transifex is a translation method to work with discourse, but i’m not clearly understand how it work,
and do i have a options to translate my discourse forum too any words i want ?

Can anybody explain to me and treat me as newbie with Rails or Discourse things, so i can clearly understand which method i should do ?

Thank You

Ask the discourse team to enter the group of indonesian translators on Transifex.
You begin to translate on Transifex and keep an eye on the history and suggestions (on the bottom right) to make it linear with the rest of the translation.

The translations will be integrated once a week on Discourse.

After that, if you need, you can customize any text in /admin/customize/site_texts to adapt it to your personal case.

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Hello Trash

Thank you for answer,
so how can ask or contact the discourse team to enter the group of indonesian translators on Transifex ?

also do you mean, if i translate on Transifex, it will automatically update language on my discourse , so it connected online ?


You can mention someone when you need to communicate with a particular person. He will receive a notification (in this case I mention @zogstrip so he can add you as a translator on Transifex)

No. The translations will update (from transifex to discourse) once a week.


You should have received an email to become reviewer for the Indonesian locale. Thanks for your contributions!