Change/Update language translation

Hi everyone,

I’m using Discourse v1.8.0.beta4 +85 (latest version). Main language is Vietnamese.

My problem is I need to change/update Vietnamese translation, because:

  • Some translation isn’t correct.
  • Missing translation because of new plugins installation or new features.

I know that all translations stored at discourse/config/locales/*.yml have to be updated from transifex. And I don’t have time to wait until they complete the translations. Even if I do translations by myseft, who know when it is approved and merged to the main source code.

I’ve tried by replacing the file with my own translation, but it doesn’t work.

Many thanks.

You have to go through the Transifex process.

There is only one guy that work as a reviewer for my language and his last activity is two year ago. I contact him and he said that I need to go to Discourse Meta to ask for help.

quocbao747 wrote:

Hi anh.

Hiện em đang có một project quan trọng cần dịch tiếp
một số phần của Discourse. Anh có thể chuyển lại quyền
review cho em được không vì em thấy anh không còn hoạt
động nữa.

Trân trọng.

Chào bạn,
Mình không có quyền thay đổi quyền review, bạn vào, để có quyền đó nhé

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@techapj can make you a reviewer for your language as needed on Transifex.


@quocbao You are now Reviewer for Vietnamese (Viet Nam) language on Transifex.


Thanks. You and your team work so fast :smiley:


Hi @quocbao bạn còn tiếp tục dịch nữa không?

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