Last updated timestamp in app

(Carson) #1

I think it would surface valuable information if the app had a line of text that said last updated [updatetime]. Like The NY Times or WSJ. Whenever the app updates it would change the timestamp. It takes away the anxiety of, “Am I viewing the latest info?”

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Like the “last visit” line in topic lists, which already exists?

(Carson) #3


I thought I had looked and double-checked again to see if there was a timestamp on this screen:

Looks like this is already implemented…

So I’ll modify my suggestion to have the timestamp be in a more visible place. Both the NY Times and WSJ mobile apps place the timestamp at the top of the screen, centered, when you open them.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Oh sorry you specifically meant in the app. But each site will show you in the topic list, as well.

(Carson) #5

The last visit line is a nice touch. I also think the “last updated” line in the app could be more visible and therefore more helpful. But I am glad it is already displayed.