Not immediately obvious what the ‘last visit’ marker on topics is

Above is an example, of something that doesn’t make perfect sense when you first look at it. But if you think about it after a few seconds then you figure out what it means. And then I guess you’re good for the rest of your life.

I’m talking about that “last visit” bar.

I’ve seen other websites do a much better job. Of course it takes a few extra words. Let’s see, they say, “Unread articles below.”

And in a court of law, you couldn’t blame the user for not knowing if the stuff from his last visit was to stuff above, or the stuff below. Of course they have to compare the dates. But they should be already used to the flow direction by the time they’re seeing this etc etc etc.

Anyway, yes it took me a few seconds to figure out. And yes now I’ve already figured out I don’t have any problem anymore. But I’m just saying…

That okay your hand a lot of kids bicycles and they all know how to ride it but there’s always a couple kids feeling left out.

And I’ll just title my article today “last visit” to show you how super succinct and hard to understand the effect is. Anyway feel free to change it

Above is the Naver LINE app doing a better job.

You can change it yourself in Admin > Customise > Text