Latest beta update (2.7.0b7) gone wrong


I am the happy user of this platform and so far, all updates were seamless (using a docker droplet at digital ocean, keeping the updates on there, and updating discourse and the docker via the /admin pane in discourse)

Except today. All content disappeared. So I rebooted the server. I was locked out, and couln’t log back in: I get the greyed page but not the login entry boxes.

I went on the server, pulled the git and rebuilt the app, same problem.

Now I’m a bit stuck. I would like to revert to the previous beta I had 2.7.0, or to go forward and sort this install, but because I’m locked out, I don’t know how/where to look. I’ve search meta but cannot find a troubleshooting guide for upgrade-gone-wrong…


The issue is most likely caused by an incompatible theme or plugin. Have you tried out safe-mode?


update: as I was writing this, and read about JS earlier I asked a colleague who managed to log in (by turning css off) and deactivated our sole plugin, for which there is already a PR it seems: There’s already a PR

It might help someone

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Great, glad to hear things are working again. That theme component looks like it’s no longer receiving updates. You might be interested in this, which provides similar functionality:


oh posts crossing!

oh this is genius. Is there a troubleshooting page where I could have learnt about this? It is great! So much to learn… thanks!