Latest post view reports new posts for filtered categories

Relatively straightforward one, we filter out one category from our latest view due to the sheer volume of posts which are filed under it.

AFAIK the method we use to filter, Latest,-News, is the correct/supported way to do it.

When new articles are posted to that filtered category however, Discourse continues to indicate that there are new posts at the top with the ‘1 new or updated topic, click to show’ message. This obviously confuses users, as clicking on the notification row doesn’t reveal new/updated posts.

Hmm this is one for you @sam bit of an edge case.

AFAIK @geek and @DavidGNavas use this too. Does this occur in your implementations guys?

Is |Latest,-Category| officially supported?

Its supported, but sounds like there is a bug in the filtering we need to sort out.

We plan to allow you to suppress from latest directly when editing categories. When we get to that we will fix this.

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I think we dropped support for this hack a while back :slight_smile: closing.