Latest update 502 error?

i’m getting a 502 now… only thing that i had done recently is update via web to the latest build.

i’ve tried restarting hard, then doing your typical restart and rebuild … no dice.


Try to refresh the page or wait in a moment?

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Did the rebuild go through without errors?

Have you updated your OS?

We had a problem yesterday (i.e. a few updates behind you) with the site not being available. A reboot fixed that, and we’ve since updated to the latest per yesterday. Site is fine now.

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Bad plugin:


Hi, i’m getting the same error. How can i remove the plugin?

You need to ssh into your machine, and as root, edit /var/discourse/containers/app.yml

Down near the bottom of the file there is a section where all the plugins are listed. Put a “#” at the beginning of that line, save the file.

Then rebuild:

cd …
./launcher rebuild app

That’s it.