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Sure. Sorry - I thought that the screenshot was fine.

It’s in the overview, on mobile-layout. (Frontpage). We’ve selected more options (New, Top, Unread ect…), than there can be fitted in the width - but instead of aligning them in a second line below for first, all items is listed on the same line, caused by ‘display:flex’ on ‘.layouts-nav-button’, from ‘layouts.scss’.

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That class isn’t actually being used by the plugin. The css in your screenshot is from Discourse itself (you can see the class there, but it’s not active).

The issue you’re seeing is actually caused by a mobile template override of the navigation-bar component which I should have fixed a while ago; sorry about that :frowning:

You should see the normal Discourse mobile nav in mobile view now.


Can we allow the modeling of the html widget to be edited? For microblog, each category is modeler and widget must be arranged in modelers. Is this possible ?

thanks you problem solved

I’ve fixed the style of embedded posts for topics with sidebars. Thanks for reporting that.

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layouts-profile is currently broken on latest Discourse for me. When a guest user clicks the ‘login’ button it does not show the modal.

I’ve fixed this:

Generally speaking the layouts-* plugins that contain widgets for this plugin are intended as examples only. I do not actively work on them.

There is also a problem with different HTML for categorization with new update Discourse.

I give each category a different HTML.
but if the browser is on the page, the HTML of that category appears on the other pages, so the sidebar can not be replaced on every page.
Would you look at that? The sidebar in each category is not renewed.

@angus HTML widget does not appear when category link is clicked and categorized (the homepage is HTML see)

but Click on the link post to view category HTML

will you look at this problem? @angus

Your site swears on it:

indexOf is not a function

Many of the plugins you used:

Sorry I don’t know these plugins. But I can advise the following.

  1. Turn off plugins one by one.

To determine the culprit.

  1. Some plug-ins use widgets.

Try disabling these widgets and see if the error goes away or not.

Without seeing specific error logs, it is difficult to say something. You need to narrow the search area.

I tried to passivate one by one I only get these errors while these two plugin are active. I need to solve this @angus
and as a widget I only use your category widget my friend. @Stranik

Please don’t mention people 3 days in a row; it’s nagging. If I were a plugin maintainer looking to help fix your problem, I’d be very unclear on what’s being reported here:

Screenshots stating specifically what you see and how it’s different to what you expect may help.

It also seems like you’re using an outdated or forked version of discourse-topic-previews, as the line throwing the error on your instance reads

this.$('.topic-thumbnail img').load(function () { ... })

whereas the current plugin uses the more correct ‘load’ event

this.$('.topic-thumbnail img').on('load', function () { ... })

which was fixed in this commit four months ago.


@nothing I understand that you have a site you’re trying to run, but as the first post, and multiple other posts, in this topic make clear, my policy is to not provide support for plugins that act as widgets in a custom layout (i.e. layouts-custom-html), which is the problem you’re having. You should hire someone for that. The Custom Layouts Plugin itself is working fine.

I only have a limited amount of time. If you want ongoing highly responsive support for all your site’s issues you can hire someone. Also, @gdpelican pointed out your bug reports are unclear. I understand that English is not your first language, however it also seems like you can be more descriptive when you want to be, which suggests a lack of effort in your multiple other posts and private messages you’ve sent about this and other issues.


This plugin previously used to add separate HTML for each category, but now it does not work. My English is bad, but I tried to tell it.

But the HTML I’ve added for the category does not appear when navigating through the category pages.

After the latest update I think css is broken. Can you check

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Do you still have that problem if you use safe mode or see it on other sites? Can you share your url?

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Such as on our site also on the producer’s site.

Edit :

.main-content.topic.has-sidebars .topic-body {
    width: auto;
    padding: 0;
    border-top: none;
    z-index: initial;
    float: none;
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@nothing Thanks :+1: Fixed.

It looks like layouts-topic-list is broken after the latest update - it’s just spinning (loading) and no content shows up :slight_smile: My own discordinfo-layout plugin is also half-way broken, after the last update.

Edit: Oh, after looking once again, it looks like it’s changed:
Will bookmarks be supported in the new solution?

Edit2: I removed the layouts from out list below Settings > Layouts, and now i can’t find an option to add the layouts again :>…