Lazy Canned Responses Loader - Auto load canned responses on reply

Lazy Canned Responses Loader

This component auto-loads the canned responses on reply/new topic without the need of clicking Settings > Canned Responses.

This will be only useful to admins who utilize canned responses a lot. We have over 150 canned responses and use them in 70% of our replies probably 100 times a day, per admin. The two additional clicks needed to get to the canned response wasted much needed time :smiley:

This is for the desktop version only, mobile stays the same. Checked and compatible with Discourse 2.5.4. Other versions remain untested for now.


P.S. I did not create this component but I did sponsor it in full.


Sorry for double posting but I forgot to add, there is a tiny nuisance which is the cursor switching and staying over in the canned response search bar. Weโ€™ve combated this via a delayed script which moves the cursor back, but it takes 760ms so if youโ€™re a super-fast responder then you may notice the jump.