Leaderboard reloads and repeats

Hi, Leaderboard repeat names on default settings

Could you be a little more specific? I can’t see any repeated names in the screenshot.

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testuser 108 he is the last user in forum
under storm he is the first user in leaderboard

the scroll down leads me to this number

and i only have 111 member in the forum

Oh yes, I see. You get to those with 0, and then it carries on with some more. Let me see if I can replicate this on my test site.

I’m afraid it works as expected on my test site, @inj3ct0r. Does the issue still happen for you in safe mode with themes and unofficial plugins disabled?

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i did it but still same :frowning:

Hmm. It does seem to be increasing in multiples of 108. Do you get any errors in your browser console when you refresh the page? Or is there anything in your /logs page that could provide more of a hint?

If you could share a link to your forum that may help us see what’s happening.

Yeah, this seems to a bug. I can repro this. This is really odd. :thinking: It seems the spinner on the bottom is activate on the leaderboard sometimes and load the members list again.


  1. Create a leaderboard (I created with TL3 group to be a fewer (43) member)
  2. Go to the leaderboard
  3. Scroll down to the bottom (if the spinner isn’t activate on the bottom reload the page and scroll down again).

On the video you can see the cheers always reloads and start over after the bottom loader activates.

No error in console or /logs.

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I can repro this following these steps :+1: (I had to scroll down fast to trigger the spinner).

Let’s move this over to bug

Thanks again Don. :slight_smile:

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So the trigger is having less than a single page of users in a leaderboard?

I tried it now with TL2, TL3, TL4 (347) user. Same result. I think not the fewer (less than a page) user is the trigger. I think maybe we didn’t notice this until now because we didn’t scroll down fully to the bottom of the list. :thinking:


@inj3ct0r and @Don The issue has been resolved with the most recent plugin update. Thanks for the report and the detailed steps provided for reproducing the issue.


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