Duplication of users

When looking at the list of users via the Settings page, all users are listed twice:

However, the list of users via the hamburger menu only lists the users once:

Do you have any steps to take where you can reproduce this? I gave a quick try and wasn’t able to.

I’ve seen lazy loading get tripped up sometimes if there’s a poor connection, but I haven’t ever been able to reproduce it myself.

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I am not sure when the problem started because I just noticed it. I have a pretty great internet connection, too. I will try in Safe Mode and report back.

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It still does it in full safe mode (all three boxes checked).

I think I was able to reproduce a case of this once here on Meta. I scrolled down the Admin > Users list until it lazy loaded another set. The last user before the break was duplicated once in the lazy loaded set. I haven’t been able to get it to hit again, though, and it’s definitely not all of them as reported.


What did you do to resolve the problem?

I only did a hard reload of the page and I didn’t have any issues. I didn’t see much wrong otherwise.


This should be fixed since:


Sorry about that.


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