Lets Encrypt certs missing in two container install?

Hi I’ve just done a new install using the new discourse-setup 2container script.
@pfaffman Thanks.
Everything works fine.
I’ve added the mail server container but its kicking up an error … can’t find the Lets Encrypt certificates.
I’ve looked in shared/standalone/letsencrypt but its empty.
Is the path different in the two container setup?

The site is fine working with SSL . …

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Found the problem within minutes of posting … in the mail-receiver.yml
Change /standalone/ to /web_only/ in the path mapping at the bottom of the file.

Edited - web_only is correct.
so is mail-receiver … careful. -_-


Good catch! The thing about the two-container install is that you do have to be on your toes a bit more on little details like that!


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