Let's encrypt, what is the speed limit solution?

I’ve done more than one installation, let’s encrypt, I’m stuck on the speed limit, how can I get around this, it’s very difficult to wait four or five days.
I completed the installation, the installation wizard does not appear, I cannot connect to the site. I installed the main domain

If you’ve hit the let’s encrypt rate limit, the easiest solution is to use a different subdomain. If you installed on the bare domain, then you should first use www. It’s what’s recommended anyway

Are you running discourse-setup? It tries a test that should keep you from requesting a certificate when it cannot be issued.


Off topic, but…

Really? That’s great. Every system should use it automatically, including certbot itself.

I reckon the most common reason for hitting rate limits is bad DNS-record. Outside Discourse-world (including docker in generally?) is virtual hosts, that don’t allow cerbot finding web-root. But that can’t be situation now, unless there is a reverse proxy in use.

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Me too.

Right. And if it’s a reverse proxy, then it is responsible for https termination.

But it could be some setup in which localhost is allowed to connect to the server via the hostname but no one else is. Or DNS locally returns the right address or the Real DNS does not. Or they could bypass the test because it’s so annoying that it won’t let them proceed.