Let's Encrypt with sub-subdomain?

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I’ve tried to update my multisite instance with a new site that uses a URL like test.forum.example.com, so I put -d test.forum.example.com in the app.yml (well, web_only.yml because it’s two-container), and when I click the URL, it says the connection is not private and when I explore the advanced tab, it shows the certificate is valid for all of the other sites I put into my multisite in the format of -d domain.com and yet this one doesn’t show up. When I click to ignore the warning, the Discourse site loads normally.

Any idea if this is a problem with using a sub-subdomain format?

The number of components doesn’t matter.

If you look at the LE logs, was it able to issue the certificate or did it error?

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I think I’m running into the problem discussed here:

One of the domains I was using in the multisite configuration was not working because the domain name expired and it was causing an error before the new sub-subdomain was being processed.

Once I changed the expired domain name and added an A-record for the new domain name for that, the problem fixed itself.


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