"Let's start a discussion" message shows wrong number of posts

I am wondering whether I misunderstand what a “post” is, or whether this is a bug. Ths site has 3 public categories, one of which has 6 public topics. If I understand correctly, the message should say “There are 6 posts”. Yet the message still appears as 4.

I have found many other complaints about this issue, with this one merely suggesting I turn the message off. I tried doing it, and the message did, indeed, stopped appearing. Still, I think that this is not a correct behavior.

I can turn the message off, but I do find it useful, assuming it shows me actual data.

Can anyone explain what’s going on here?

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The 6 you’re thinking of are the 6 topics you’re seeing inside of the Language Development category. The 4 posts your forum is talking about are the 4 posts inside the topic “Request for comments: overloadable constants?”, since none of the other 5 topics in that category have posts in them (the first post doesn’t seem to count towards that number).

You have categories, then you have topics inside those categories, then posts inside those topics.

Hope this helps!


Thank you. The confusion is around what “post” means. Searching the web was not productive.


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