Total Posts count instead of Post per month

Need to show total post count instead of posts per month/ per week
do we have any option to set this from backend


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If you look at you can see something like this:

category_list: {
can_create_category: false,
can_create_topic: true,
categories: [
id: 67,
name: "announcements",
color: "ED207B",
text_color: "FFFFFF",
slug: "announcements",
topic_count: 289,
post_count: 3693,
position: 0,

So the data you need is there.

If you install Plugin outlet locations theme component you can see where you can easily insert new information:

It’s not going to be easy (for me, at least) to replace the topics. If you’re OK with having it in the below-category-title-link, you could do that in a theme component. I suspose it’s possible to re-write the number with some javascript magic.


Do we have same option in FKB Pro Theme as I can’t find option in UI

FKB Pro - Social theme