Level-0 users don't have the next trust level "requirements" button

In the admin area for a user, there’s a button that reveals a report of what that user needs to accomplish to reach the next level:

But, it’s not shown for level Zero users:


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I believe we only do this for trust level 3, because it’s the only trust level that you can fall out of… I think the button was added so admins could answer “why did I lose tl3” if someone asks

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Users could also ask “When will I get to TL1 (or TL2)?”, therefore having the same button as for TL3 requirements also for lower TLs would come handy.

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Yes TL1 and TL2 could be useful as well, especially on sites that have higher thresholds (TL1 is very easy to achieve by default). This was the first one we implemented because it’s what we were getting the most support requests for.