Liberapay integration


(Martin Delille) #1

I saw there is a Patreon integration. What about a integration?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Not on our roadmap but we welcome it as a community project :+1:

(Martin Delille) #3

I’m part of Liberapay so I’ll be happy to assist anyone interested into it!

(Tech Tricks) #4

I am definitely interested in this!
Is it available for Indian rupees?

(Martin Delille) #5

Liberapay rely on two payment processor:

It currently handles euros and dollars but I found an issue mentioning rupee here: Different payment partners for different currencies · Issue #1081 · liberapay/ · GitHub

(Tech Tricks) #6

Can you guide me on how to setup for rupees?

(Martin Delille) #7

I created a specific issue here: Add rupee support · Issue #1282 · liberapay/ · GitHub

Comment if you’re interested into implement it and you will have support from the team. You should try to install the dev environment first (I personnaly used Docker which is was simplest for me).

(Tech Tricks) #8

I will implement it but not sure about how to develop it