Stripe, PayPal and better design on default installation?

Hi. :earth_americas:

I want to ask two things:

  1. Can we have an official plugin for Stripe and PayPal? Here is a perfect example, if I’m allowed to post it: Commerce Subscription Manager / Paid club memberships.

  2. Better design on default installation – I don’t know, but the current theme seems unfinished. Stripe or DigitalOcean looks amazing. You can be inspired by these two sites.

Do you plan these changes in the near future?

Nope. We like this theme. You’re welcome to use those sites as inspiration to create your own theme. If you don’t have the skills, put up your cash in the #marketplace and I’m sure someone will take the job.

There is an existing Stripe plugin here Stripe Donations Plugin


We already have deep Patreon integration, why would these other oddball approaches be preferable to that?