Like a topic (or require earning a badge) before any other categories or posts are accessible

I saw this neat trick on a chat recently…

Until the user visited a specific topic and “liked it” they could not access any other posts or categories or content. A message was visible:

Welcome, you must read and agree to our rules. Please do so.

The only topics a new user could see were

  • FAQ
  • Rules topic

At the end of the rules topic it explained: Thank you for reading. By liking this topic you are accepting our terms of service and we welcome you to access the full community. Please click "Like" to accept.

I found this idea very cleaver and am considering how to use this concept in Discourse. I’m thinking it should be similar to restrict by group, but unsure of how “gain access by clicking like” would work.

Perhaps the same could be accomplished by joining a particular group… I Agree to the Rules group


Require the First Run Wizard badge be earned by all users in Trust Level 0


A lot of Discord servers use that pattern, and it seems like it’s born out of forcing all custom features through chat bots?

In Discourse this would be really easy if we had a tl1 requires likes given setting (we have it for trust level 2). You could restrict all categories other than a “rules category” with a single “rules topic” to TL1… and to gain access to TL1 and all other categories users would have to like the rules topic.

Maybe you can shift all your trust level settings to make this workable so everyone who agreed is trust level 2 (using tl2 requires likes given)?

Without a new setting or more dramatic trust level setting changes, you could also use existing trust level settings to do this based on time rather than an explicit button click. You could have 1 category and topic available to tl0, and you could change these settings:

tl1 requires topics entered: 1
tl1 requires read posts: 10 (maybe you have 10 rules split out across 10 posts)
tl1 requires time spent mins 3 (to force people to spend more than 0 time reading)

So then if someone read all 10 posts in your rules topic and spent a few minutes there, they’d gain access to everything else.

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Will that stop googlebot too? If yes, it can give negative boost to SEO, but if that’s not important then trick like that can help to clean up just curious ones.

Yeah in all of these scenarios most of the content is hidden until you accept the rules, so it’s not going to be indexed by Google.

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What about forcing a user to complete the first run wizard badge