Like button state is reset when another user likes the same post when our browser tab is still open


I’ve not identified yet how this issue occurs exactly, but I came across it multiple times.

edit: found how to reproduce it, see the following reply:

This is the bug that was supposedly fixed last week:

The above PR fixes the obvious case of having the same topic in two different tabs / browsers / devices.

You can still trigger it if the second tab is so old that the MessageBus backlog was flushed and the app can’t recover the full history from it. No other way around.

If you find a way to repro this in another way in an up to date instance please fill a bug report about it with repro steps.


I found how to reproduce the issue.

  1. Like a post.
  2. Another user likes the same post.
  3. In your own tab, the like button is instantly re-activated, making the bug occurs:


Thanks for the repro steps!

This should fix it:


Would you mind deploying latest to I’ve run into this issue several times in the last couple hours and it would be great to get it fixed. (We’re on a six day old commit for some reason.) Thanks!

Side question: How often are hosted sites usually updated to latest? I’m asking because I found it surprising that the fix wasn’t already automatically deployed.

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