Liked text is flickering and page is jumping on iOS bookmark

Video should be self explanatory. The page is jumping around and flickering and the likes text is also flickering and jumping randomly.

I’m unable to verify if this is happening on any other sites at the moment, but it is not an iOS bug. It’s similar to when the header was flickering and the bottom bar was getting stuck, but I last experienced that a while in he stable branch. Reproduction for that is really hard and random so I’ll leave it out of this.

Any chance you’re using iOS 17 beta?


Yeah, I’m on iOS 17. Weird though, not happening in any other sites nor Discourse forums.

This is where I’d put the video I recorded of going to and to show the bug not existing there, but it’s still very slightly flickering. Might be a bad beta 4?

Although on the flip side I’m not seeing it on sites like or I’m not sure what the difference between the sites are which is determining the impact here, but it seems like you’re probably right.

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