Meta PWA Top Nav Bar Flickers

Hey all,

So for the last few weeks while I’ve worked on Discourse, I noticed that sometimes while scrolling up and down, the top nav bar will freak out and start flickering like crazy even if you aren’t moving the page. We’ve verified this on the dev site and I’ve verified it here on Meta. It’s a hard thing to showcase unless you’ve seen it since it’s so random. It’s happened on my desktop, and here in my phone. I’ve had it several times today, enough to warrant a big topic.

I’m screen recording where I can on my iPhone to get it. It’s really inconsistent but when it does happen, it triggers my motion sickness :(.

Edit: I think it has something to do when you scroll past the first post and it switches to the smaller logo, but I’ve more consistently triggered it back by slowly scrolling up from any post, so I’m not sure if that’s useful.


I just realized, I think it’s only on the PWA that I added to my screen for Meta if that matters.


I’ve been experiencing this for quite some time now. Reproduction is a bit rough, but it’s something I’ve noticed on multiple sites, not just Meta. I have footage somewhere I think, but it hasn’t happened in a while to me. I was last on iOS 16.

I get this a fair bit on iOS “add to Home Screen” apps, but not on the Hub app so I use it instead.

I had the flickering again today. I didn’t manage to catch it on video but got this around the same time, which might be related and might help:

If it need its own topic instead then apologies in advance.

Here it is, flickering away. This is quite common with the A2HS app.

I’m on iOS 16.6.1 now but it’s been a feature for quite a while.